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Peacock Day & 123

June 21, 2009 4 comments

I went to the movie yesterday to see The Taking of Pelham 123. Great movie, I totally recommend it! John Travolta was so good at playing the bad guy. Hated him almost as much as I hated Heath Ledger’s Joker. Denzel Washington’s acting wasn’t challenged very much. He spoke most of the time, revealing his sexy voice – and handsome feature for all the close ups.

Anyways I put on my Delft paint pot yesterday and kinda surprised to see it turned kinda teal on my lids. I thought it’d be dark, grey-ish blue. And it has golden glitter on it too. Very nice though.


And the eye make up matched my peacock top xD


Top by Matthew Williamson for H&M | Wedges by Nine West

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MTV Movie Awards 2009

June 1, 2009 4 comments

First of all, let me say Andy Samberg was the perfect host for the night. He was good looking, he was funny, and so entertaining.

Congrats to Twilight and the cast who stole the show last night with a bunch of awards and highlights. New Moon’s official trailer is out on youtube, everybody!!

Here’s several fashion peeks of last night’s show.

Of all, my favorite was Ashley Tisdale’s little purple dress. The dress was so subtle yet flattering and with the shoes too. She looked cool, yet pretty and sophisticated. And that ring on her middle finger is to die for!

Despite what Kristen Stewart wore last night, I’m still a fan of hers. Her dress was awful, she looked like she was trying to be Mrs Spider Man and failing. And what’s with the shoes? She probably didn’t care about how she looked or how she was supposed to dress. But hello, weren’t the celebs supposed to work with stylists for the night? If she was looking for comfyness she could go with a pair of Keds or something, they make a really pretty pair. Last but not least, she looked like she just got out of bed with hair like that.

Leighton Meester was soooo pretty. I wasn’t really a fan of her dress, my first impression was it looked a little trashy – especially on the shoulder and upper arm. But then I thought the cut on the front was smart. Or maybe because it was Leighton Meester. 50-50 I’d say.

I like Vanessa Hudgens’ flowy orange dress. I am normally not a fan of orange but hers was a cool electric orange. I love the length and the cut that allowed shoes showing. But if I were to wear the dress, since I am also petite, I would tighten the tummy part a little to define the waist.

All pics courtesy of JustJared

TIFF & Its Fashion

September 12, 2008 Leave a comment

Ahh I wish I lived in Toronto. I could’ve worked for Toronto International Film Festival,or at least attend the fest.

I watched the news today and some familiar faces (thanks to big screen) appeared: Anne Hathaway, Sandra Oh, Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Aniston (oh how I heart her) and Kate Beckinsale.

Of course, they are not the only ones.. Gerard Depardieu, Alessandro Nivola, Rose McGowan, Kristin Scott Thomas, Jim Sturgess, Mark Ruffalo, Ethan Hawke, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Kevin Zegers, Benicio del Toro, Amanda Peet, Scott Speedman and many more.. Even Paris Hilton (surprisingly!!) and Amberley Thiessen (Canadian Idol top something) were there..

As a festival of glamor took place, attention went to the outfit of the ladies. Surely the men wore designers’ garment.. but since all men outfit look the same, there was no big deal about that.. Honestly, do you remember what Daniel Day-Lewis was wearing when he won the Oscar last year vs Halle Berry’s dress when she won 6 years ago? Men never have best suit while there’s always best dress for the ladies. Halle Berry was one of them. She wore gorgeous dress by Elie Saab.

Anywhoo, back to topic. This year, all eyes are on Rose McGowan’s shoes and Kate Beckinsale’s dress. I didn’t notice how short McGowan was (oh yeah I am not that tall either, lol) until I saw these shoes. Apparently she’s only 5’4″and with these heels I think she turned to 5’7″. Nice try..

As for Kate, she won the best dress chosen by the media. Look at this beautiful baby doll dress with a little frock.

See the cute details: Roses embroidery and big mirrored beads. Plus a pair of metallic pumps to complement the dress. Stunning!!

Guess who designed it? Elie Saab!! Yyyeeeapp, it’s the same designer that created 2002’s Oscar Winner’s dress. Saab is just waaaayy too brilliant..

Images courtesy of and Getty Images

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