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Lime and Turquoise

First of all, let me thank my good friend Ruth Wijaya for liking my outfit so much that she put it on Fashionese Daily’s Street Snap column.

Translation: “I like how Ragil pairs lime fringe shawl with a turquoise shawl. To me this color combination never fails. Beautiful.”

I got this this new blog titled Lime and Turquoise from Twitter. I’m a bantji-turquoise (turquoise freak) so I opened the blog right away.. thinking it’d be a blog about how lime and turquoise have made their way into the runway. Wrong!! lol.. Anyways, this is the same shawl I wore when I went to Calgary. I was going to order Bright Yellow ’cause as you see, I love playing with colors. Bad news for me, they were sold out. Then my friend Imelda (or how I always call her Ikho) told me to order dusty yellow..

I thought about it and why not.. I have lots of turquoises and blues.. And it’d be good to light up my black jackets in the gloomy winter. Even pink can be matched with yellows! Although you probably need your sunglasses when I do that.. 😀

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  1. hanalicious
    October 22, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    major like! hahahaha ragil cakepp uyy… suit suiiiiiiit :3 *ditabok pak ragil* hahaha

  2. Ragil Mega
    October 24, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    ahahahhaa tengkyu darleeeng 😀

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