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I find myself funny for the habits in my life. It’s 3:55 am here as I start to blog. I consider myself having a jetlag. The thing is.. it’s the first day I woke up too early. I’ve been back since Monday and it’s already Thursday. Few days apart for the jetlag to kick in.

I was in Jakarta last week (Sept. 15 – Oct. 5), to spend Eid with my grandma. Fun time, met family and few friends although I wish I could meet more friends. Decided I couldn’t stay long the day I bought my tickets (which happened just a day before I flew back, lol). Here’s the reasons why:

– I would miss my husband.. lol

– Jakarta’s street is stressful all year round, except for the Eid week. So yes I was at the best time in Jakarta. Traffic was almost non-existent.

Back in Canada on Monday. Loooooooong flight. This is why I get so reluctant whenever I’m about to travel to my hometown. Spent hours on the plane with a screaming baby just an aisle away (what a nightmare?!). Reading “Perahu Kertas” by Dee Lestari, all the way from Jakarta – Hong Kong – Vancouver – here 😀 Couldn’t sleep.. thanks, Screaming Kid!

I unpacked in one day – and I’m proud of it.. lol. My house is still a mess though, few stuff lying around. But nothing time can’t heal 😀

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