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Paramore, No Doubt.. Last night was great. But for now, I’m not gonna go much into it.

It’s a sad day.. as most of you who watch CNN probably have heard all over the news. Three bombs exploded, two of which are results of terrorist attack, back in my home country. Again, targeting the innocents, foreigners and hard-working people. Two hotels in the upscale of Jakarta: Ritz-Carlton and J.W. Marriott.

I’ve been snooping around the internet, facebook-ing and twitter-ing to get the latest news.

I am indirectly affected by what happened. One of my good friends, my former roommate when I was still in college, Nicoline Patricia Malina had an exhibition at the Airlangga Restaurant, the exact point where the bomber was standing. I thought about her but was glad to find her tweeting. She informed me that she retrieved all the prints two days before the bombing happened. Thank God! It must’ve been painful for her to see what has become of her former exhibition site.

Last night I went home from all the crazy concert only to find this. I thought about my parents but was relieved when my sister said they were okay. I was hungry for more news but somehow I got too tired. I went to bed.

This morning my Mom texted me, she asked if I heard about the news. The next few words left me weak and my eyes water. The morning the bomb went off, my Dad was scheduled to have a breakfast meeting at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. Somehow, it got canceled as he got a more important meeting to attend to.

The moment I heard the news, I thought of my Dad, he frequently has breakfast meetings at both hotels. Several times I went with him. I even had honeymoon in one of the hotels.

My thoughts and prayers go to my country, all the victims and families. Indonesia Unite!!

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  1. July 19, 2009 at 10:05 am

    it is really sad. i was sooooo upset about it. i can’t comprehend how people could have such evil hearts that can make them do such evil things. but hey, we should not be afraid and lock ourselves up in our house. we should go out and resume our lives. otherwise, the terrorists won.

    • Ragil Mega
      July 20, 2009 at 12:16 am

      Yes #indonesiaunite and of course #wearenotafraid šŸ˜‰

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