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Metal Craft

May 24, 2009 8 comments

I’ve been a little busy to post what I wear lately. Hopefully I’m back on it tomorrow.

Today I went to Stop and Shop in hopes of finding some vintage treasures. There were gorgeous ones unfortunately the price was too much for my wallet to handle. So I went home taking a cuff and two rings.


These metal crafts had my attention the moment I saw them. They came in many colors and shapes. As for the cuff, I’m a cuff lover and as a cuff lover I don’t think I have enough yet. So I grab the one with the shredded shape in gray. It’s so bold yet versatile as I tend to wear colorful clothes, and the color changes under different lightings. As for the rings, my camera doesn’t do justice. I grab one in copper and one in turqoise. I’m planning to excessories them.

Check out their website BPA metal craft.

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