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Mango Goes Country

May 22, 2009 4 comments

One of the big disappointment of living in the current oil country, is that there’s no Mango store. Sure Utrecht did not have Mango when I lived there (they still don’t as much as I know), but there were 4 stores within reach – Eindhoven, Rotterdam, the Hague and Amsterdam.. Amsterdam is the closest, it took me only 30 minutes traveling by train – then the walking or the tram but that doesn’t count.

Now, the closest Mango store is in Vancouver. And that’s about 12 hour drive or 1 hour by plane (I am bad at Math realization so I don’t talk in miles, kilometres whatsoever). Edmontonians don’t even know what Mango is – just the fruit they do. Online store could work but if I need to return something.. that’s when it’s gonna get frustrating. Enough said, here’s some preview for their autumn collection.

Love the lookbook. Some are laidback, some are pretty neat and urban-ish, mostly country. Want more? Check out Mango Blog and all the 411’s included

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