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Yay for Kris Allen!!

May 20, 2009 6 comments

First of all I wanna congratulate Kris Allen for winning American Idol! Yay!!

Somebody got offended over what I said about an American Idol contestant today. It wasn’t that bad, I just said what I disliked. This girl, she kinds of made a whole speech on my facebook wall, which I think was so unnecessary. Whoa.. who the hell does she think she is, trying to defend him that much?? Whatever, I don’t give a damn.

Played a little dress up today, and had some fun with the pictures, I took the background of an upcoming movie, New York, I Love You.


But I think the image of me is to small for you to see my outfit, so here it is..

PhotobucketMini-dress worn as Top by Mango | Harem pants by H&M
Shoes by Aldo | Green Socks by H&M | Bracelets from Pakistan

Photobucket These bracelets are gifts from my Mother In Law who went back to her country just few months ago. I love these bracelets. I think they’re very cool!! Thanks, MIL!

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