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Metal Craft

May 24, 2009 8 comments

I’ve been a little busy to post what I wear lately. Hopefully I’m back on it tomorrow.

Today I went to Stop and Shop in hopes of finding some vintage treasures. There were gorgeous ones unfortunately the price was too much for my wallet to handle. So I went home taking a cuff and two rings.


These metal crafts had my attention the moment I saw them. They came in many colors and shapes. As for the cuff, I’m a cuff lover and as a cuff lover I don’t think I have enough yet. So I grab the one with the shredded shape in gray. It’s so bold yet versatile as I tend to wear colorful clothes, and the color changes under different lightings. As for the rings, my camera doesn’t do justice. I grab one in copper and one in turqoise. I’m planning to excessories them.

Check out their website BPA metal craft.

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Mango Goes Country

May 22, 2009 4 comments

One of the big disappointment of living in the current oil country, is that there’s no Mango store. Sure Utrecht did not have Mango when I lived there (they still don’t as much as I know), but there were 4 stores within reach – Eindhoven, Rotterdam, the Hague and Amsterdam.. Amsterdam is the closest, it took me only 30 minutes traveling by train – then the walking or the tram but that doesn’t count.

Now, the closest Mango store is in Vancouver. And that’s about 12 hour drive or 1 hour by plane (I am bad at Math realization so I don’t talk in miles, kilometres whatsoever). Edmontonians don’t even know what Mango is – just the fruit they do. Online store could work but if I need to return something.. that’s when it’s gonna get frustrating. Enough said, here’s some preview for their autumn collection.

Love the lookbook. Some are laidback, some are pretty neat and urban-ish, mostly country. Want more? Check out Mango Blog and all the 411’s included

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Yay for Kris Allen!!

May 20, 2009 6 comments

First of all I wanna congratulate Kris Allen for winning American Idol! Yay!!

Somebody got offended over what I said about an American Idol contestant today. It wasn’t that bad, I just said what I disliked. This girl, she kinds of made a whole speech on my facebook wall, which I think was so unnecessary. Whoa.. who the hell does she think she is, trying to defend him that much?? Whatever, I don’t give a damn.

Played a little dress up today, and had some fun with the pictures, I took the background of an upcoming movie, New York, I Love You.


But I think the image of me is to small for you to see my outfit, so here it is..

PhotobucketMini-dress worn as Top by Mango | Harem pants by H&M
Shoes by Aldo | Green Socks by H&M | Bracelets from Pakistan

Photobucket These bracelets are gifts from my Mother In Law who went back to her country just few months ago. I love these bracelets. I think they’re very cool!! Thanks, MIL!

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Kristin’s Comeback..

May 17, 2009 4 comments

As the Hills is approaching to Lauren’s episode, rumor has it that Kristin Cavallari is replacing her as the show’s leading role.

Surprise surprise. Can’t say I am happy about it, but I am glad that Heidi’s position of being a co-star is not going anywhere upper. Good job, MTV!

Kristin Cavallari, however, I love her. She’s so pretty! Although I feel bad for her because now she seems to be Lauren Conrad’s spin-off. She replaced LC as the leading role in the second season of Laguna Beach. So I’m kinda hoping the show’s title will be changed, although it will be hard because the viewers are practically hooked up to it.

It’s gonna be very interesting following Cavallari’s life. I haven’t heard from her like forever, except for the fact that she and LC are over the past, i.e. over Stephen (I saw him on One Tree Hill by the way, I was surprised).

But I am surely waiting for Kristin’s comeback. Especially since she has grown up a lot on the inside.

Kristin, looking like Ashley Olsen, next to Nikki Hilton.

Image taken from here

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I did good ;)

May 14, 2009 2 comments

I got my driver’s license – theory wise – on Tuesday.. 25 questions, I got all right.
I got a paycheck on Wednesday.. for a 30 minutes job. Good numbers, can get me two pair of Aldo shoes on clearance. Though I put the money in my savings instead 🙂

Here’s what I wore Wednesday – some are not that visible. They made me changed when I got there :p


Dress by GAP | Jacket by Bershka
Cuff by Aldo | White bracelet from China | Ring by H&M
Tights by Old Navy | Shoes by Aldo

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Bending the Rules

May 11, 2009 4 comments

I got some presents from my lovely MIL. She went back to her country and got me some traditional clothes and accessories (more pictures to come). I am still too shy to wear it the traditional way, so I don it my way instead. Hope it’s not a disgrace.


Fedora by Forever21 | Belt by Gaudi | Pumps by Rotelli

I also wear blue shorts underneath the dress.. speaking of which I think white shorts would look better.

Also if you see the image look familiar, credits go to Kelvin Kay and Diana of Hot Chocolate and Mint for the idea of putting a downtown image as the backdrop.

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The Climb

I think Miley’s voice is getting more mature. It may sounds cheesy but I love Miley Cyrus’s the Climb. It’s so inspirational.

The struggles I’m facing,
The chances I’m taking
Sometimes might knock me down but
No I’m not breaking

PhotobucketTop by XSML | Pants by Forever 21 | Bangles & Shoes by Aldo

I should start taking better pictures :S

A little close-up of my shoes. Got ’em 2 weeks ago and they still gave me blisters *sigh*


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