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I’ll miss you, A!

April 23, 2009 16 comments

So H&M just opened a new store on the south of Edmonton, where it’s called “the District” – pretty cool I think. They opened today at 12pm – where I planned to take picture of people lining up as well as getting 20% off (the first 100 customers get it) but I failed miserably since I ended up leaving my apartment at 4.

I was very disappointed last night to see my man, Anoop Desai, go. But did anyone see how ‘hot’ he looked in ‘hot’ pink? I told my friend I’d be wearing pink and black today. Unfortunately the temperature dropped and I was left with no choice except to wear layers.

PhotobucketTop by Mango | Cardigan by Smart Set | Blazer by Zara

Jeans by GAP | Boots by Van Dalen

I went to Townshoes today and came out with a mixture feeling, I couldn’t find the shoes I’ve been drooling on. I was disappointed but happy at the same time that I get to save some bucks.

I bought 4 items at H&M but 2 are going back because they are too small for me. Sorry! Here are the ones I’m keeping: necklace and shiny top.


My legs are hurting from wearing boots over jeans whereas my boots are too small for that.

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Wear ‘Em for Picture

April 21, 2009 4 comments


Top by M Boutique | Jeans Skirt by Zara | Belt by Gaudi | Pumps by Rotelli

This part of the story is when I can’t wear the shoes for walking, at least I can wear them for pictures. Sticking candle wax in the shoes doesn’t really work.. =(

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The Break In

April 13, 2009 2 comments

Someone broke into my parents house in Jakarta Friday morning. I woke up to find my Mom shouting something to my dad. I thought they were fighting. The more I heard the more I realized she was talking about someone standing IN our house. Then our chauffeur came and said something too.

I don’t remember how and whom I asked, I got the answer that someone broke into our house. My mom saw him standing in front of our kitchen door. I was still sleeping. Luckily my chauffeur came in and saved us. He asked the guy, who he was and who he was looking for. The guy told him he was a friend of Slank (a very famous band living right accross my parents house). My chauffeur then brought him to Slank’s house and I heard he kinda vandalized the frontyard. Then the police came and cuffed him.

Terrible, but we were very lucky. It was right the morning before we left to the airport for Canada.

Enough on the bad news, my parents were here for two days only. We had one day to go out. It was fun. I got a new shirt from Banana Republic for 30% off. Took picture of my outfit in the fitting room. It was small so I had to exclude my head. That blue shirt on the wooden bench is my new shirt. Nice color, eh?

Bolero by Orange | Batik Dress bought from a friend, Juleha | Latex leggings from eBay | Oxford Shoes by Aldo

And here’s the family portrait.

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Out of The Lines

Sunday Night I went to eat at Duck King. I love ducks and so I kept nagging, begging at my dad to take me to this lovely restaurant at Pondok Indah Mall. Unfortunately they changed my favorite drink. I used to love this Strawberry Iced Tea, where they basically served teas with strawberries in it. Now, there ain’t no strawberries. They use strawberry syrup to create the flavor in the tea šŸ˜¦

I had my outfit picture taken but I don’t think it’s good enough, so instead I am posting my eye make-up picture.

No special products, just eyeliner and mascara. I tried a new technique that really made my eyes popped:


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