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Here Comes the White Stuff..

As I’m writing this blog, my heart jumps up and down in joy. The white stuff that they’ve been talking about on the radio is finally here.. The white stuff I’ve been wishing for the past few weeks.. The white stuff that IMO makes the city come to life..

It was a couple minutes past 5 pm and I was just looking outside the window.. thinking how soon the sun sets. It’s probably due to the daylight saving that I felt that way. Then my eyes set on the ground. It’s wet. “Did it rain?” I must’ve known if it did. Afterall I’m on the top floor and the rain should at least leave my windows wet. Then there I saw right under the lights of the parking lot.

It’s been snowing for half an hour now. It’s a wet snow but it still gives me excitement. The next several days should give the city some stay-on-the-ground snow. Ahh.. winter has finally made its appearance. And it’s definitely my favorite season of year.

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