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We’re Home..

Right at the beginning of this month, me and my husband started our life as a  homemaker. This time is real homemaker, as before we were still living at his mom’s. It was a nice time really, but I just needed my privacy big time and I wanted us to be an independent homemaker.

It took us months to look for a place but we finally got there. It’s a 2-bedroom apartment on the 4th floor. And it’s new! If it’s an eyeshadow I would describe it as BNIB (Brand New In Box). One let down though, the apartment is in a new area, and so there are work in progress on the site. I can’t sit on the balcony because of the dust. But then again, I am not that nuts to sit in a balcony when it’s 2 degrees outside.

There are things to be done *rolleyes* there are always things to be done. Like decorating our “home”. Filling it with much needed stuffs.. We go shopping a lot this week.

Our home is still pretty much empty.. but with us livin’ in it, there is never emptiness. And therefore I am ecstatic!!

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