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Designers for Target Collection

November 28, 2008 Leave a comment

So I just purchased this Anya Hindmarch for Target Hobo and very happy with it.

The bag is actually quite roomy for me to throw my things in there. The PVC leather is quite soft.
Good magnetic closure, when I put the bag upside down only my chewing gum strips slid out. :mrgreen:
The text Anya Hindmarch for Target on the hardware isn’t as large as I expected, so it can only be seen from a close distance like 10″ away.
I think this will be my daily bag. Love it!!
Thanks to my online buddy, Rere in Atlanta..

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Birthday Post

November 24, 2008 2 comments

Whoops.. I haven’t posted anything about what I did on my birthday. My birthday was actually quite pathetic. I woke up a little later than usual and started cleaning up my apartment. My apartment was such a mess, there were furniture pieces on the floor, some suitcases, merchandise and more. I just moved them into the 2nd bedroom, which took quite some time. Washed some clothes, vacuum the carpets and got ready.

That night we went to Earl’s – instead of the Keg. They both are fancy steak restaurants. I ordered pasta with prawns and scallops in it. It was nice but I thought it was too much. I couldn’t finish it šŸ˜¦

Anyways, here’s my birthday FOTD. I really loved it, I looked so different.

A little close up of the EOTD

At the end of the night, Zeeshan got me a stuffed animal: a duck. I named her Beki. We went to Superstore, thinking of getting a cake and candles but found none. I saw Beki in one of the aisles and pointed at it. I actually have one already, a duck doll I got from my auntie when I was 6. So it has been with me for 18 years. Few months ago I found a whole in the back of her body. Now I put her away in a plastic bag, I don’t want to wreck her even more. I think Beki’s going to last long as well šŸ™‚

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November 20

November 19, 2008 Leave a comment

Mountain Time.. baru aja nunjukin jam 12 malam , entering November 20th, 2008. My 24th birthday.

This would be my first birthday in Canada. Aneh.. rasanya makin lama tahun ulang tahun gue makin mundur.. nasib anak rantauan..

Kemaren-kemaren at least 6 jam sebelomnya baru pada ngucapin happy birthday.. itu juga kalo pada rajin, termasuk my parents yang rela nungguin pergantian waktu demi nyocokin jam sama gue. Lah sekarang, masih tanggal 19 jam 9 pagi udah ada yang ngucapin selamat ulang tahun, gara2 time difference hehe. Even my parents yang kayaknya masih rada bingung sama perbedaan waktu antara Jakarta-Breda-Edmonton. My dad wished me a happy birthday like 5 hours before the D-day here. My thoughts were screaming: “My birthday isn’t until tomorrow!!”

Now I’m thinking.. should I change my birthday to November 19th?

Lol. It’s fine though, it’s like having 2 days of birthday. Pretty cool.

Like any other birthday I had, I don’t feel anything special anymore. I guess I am just excited a bit, but when you’re used to having a birthday, the feeling just fades away sometimes. Especially when you’re in perantauan. I was more excited about New Kids on the Block concert than my own birthday, lol. I wish they would have mundurin tanggal konser dua hari.

But I get sooooo many birthday wishes today, most of them come through facebook. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. To those who have wished me a happy birthday.

I shudder on my birthdays. The feeling of “getting older” never gets me so well. I used to be quite secretive about my age. But in the new place where I live, things change. I seem to be getting younger. Di mana gue ketemu orang, persepsi mereka, I am underage. Nggak tanggung-tanggung, 8 years younger!! Sempet kesel, sempet ngeluh. People say, “awet muda is a gift”. And I finally realized that. I may be older but it doesn’t show. I may look like an A-Be-Ge but I am wiser. I may sound like a kid (it’s-the-speaking-voice-I-promise) but I am a grown up. And my big wish this time is to reach and live out my dreams.. Amiin..


I also would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Ibu Khaled.. – my best friend Ria. Let me tell you about this lady. We met in an online community. There, we found out we share the same birthday. After awhile, we found out that we used to live in the same town (different time though) and that our dads worked in the same company and knew each other! Several months ago I went to Cairo (where she lives), we planned to meet but didn’t work out. So instead we just spoke on the phone 2 days in a row for 2 freaking hours!! We’re totally clicked!!

And I’d like to wish Griffin McIntyre a very happy birthday. I think this one is just funny. I used to be a big fan (still do but on a lower intensity) of Joey McIntyre of NKOTB. Now I share the same birthday with his son..

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FOTD for the Concert

November 19, 2008 Leave a comment

I actually want to write about the concert but I still have to compose the words.. And I want to post Yesterday’s Outfit but I didn’t get a good picture of it yet.. So for now I’ll just present you Yesterday’s FOTD


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Old Kids on the Block

November 13, 2008 Leave a comment


That’s what I’ll be doing Tuesday November 18th. I can’t believe myself how I fell for it. I didn’t have any intention to go, but then I saw these tickets online and I just grabbed them. Now I’m glad I did.

I never had the chance to see them, and I was a big fan of them. They reunited and apparently I still like them (Jordan and Joey are hot.. lol). So I go for many reasons, from liking the songs to nostalgic. They will be singing old songs, which to my surprise, I still remember the lyrics. Plus some solo’s from my favorite boys. And of course some songs from their new album, these ones would be a homework for me hehe.

It’s funny how I now get the chance to see my idols, 14 years later. Listening to the old songs, I can tell that Joey was a kid. His voice is very different now, it’s a lot more mature. And for that he gets more chance to sing the songs in the new album rather when he was still a kid. I am so looking forward to hear Joey sing “Please Don’t Go Girl”.

“Tell me you’ll staaaay.. never ever go awaay…”

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Here Comes the White Stuff..

November 6, 2008 Leave a comment

As I’m writing this blog, my heart jumps up and down in joy. The white stuff that they’ve been talking about on the radio is finally here.. The white stuff I’ve been wishing for the past few weeks.. The white stuff that IMO makes the city come to life..

It was a couple minutes past 5 pm and I was just looking outside the window.. thinking how soon the sun sets. It’s probably due to the daylight saving that I felt that way. Then my eyes set on the ground. It’s wet. “Did it rain?” I must’ve known if it did. Afterall I’m on the top floor and the rain should at least leave my windows wet. Then there I saw right under the lights of the parking lot.

It’s been snowing for half an hour now. It’s a wet snow but it still gives me excitement. The next several days should give the city some stay-on-the-ground snow. Ahh.. winter has finally made its appearance. And it’s definitely my favorite season of year.

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We’re Home..

November 4, 2008 Leave a comment

Right at the beginning of this month, me and my husband started our life as aĀ  homemaker. This time is real homemaker, as before we were still living at his mom’s. It was a nice time really, but I just needed my privacy big time and I wanted us to be an independent homemaker.

It took us months to look for a place but we finally got there. It’s a 2-bedroom apartment on the 4th floor. And it’s new! If it’s an eyeshadow I would describe it as BNIB (Brand New In Box). One let down though, the apartment is in a new area, and so there are work in progress on the site. I can’t sit on the balcony because of the dust. But then again, I am not thatĀ nuts to sit in a balcony when it’s 2 degrees outside.

There are things to be done *rolleyes* there are always things to be done. Like decorating our “home”. Filling it with much needed stuffs.. We go shopping a lot this week.

Our home is still pretty much empty.. but with us livin’ in it, there is never emptiness. And therefore I am ecstatic!!

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