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The Grand Night Race

Racing is all about skill and luck. If one has the fund – luck – one can easily enter the competition. If one has skill – hard work – one can easily find a way up to the top. But behind a good racer, there’s an excellent teamwork put together by enormous number of other highly skilled people.

Singapore’s initial F1 Grand Prix was a BIG success. Salute to the Merlion country. It was as well F1’s initial first night race. A street race at night, illuminated by lights four times lighter than the normal stadium, it was no different than race on any other sundays. Only when one looked up in the sky one noticed that it was dark out. The streets were bumpy with some rough and curvy turns, a surprise to the race drivers but definitely challenging and made it even more exciting.

The success was also without a doubt supported by the Singaporeans – besides the staffs, volunteers and cops. They have always been highly self-controlled and organized. Only a little annoyance when everyone would stand up every time the cars passed – completely understandable, it’s their first times.

For those who did not feel like purchasing grandstand pass – mind the noise, it hurts – the 3 days walkabout pass is completely worth it. Watch the race on a giant screen with other enthusiasts and keep track of what was going on.

Definitely worth every cent, definitely one event to look forward to next year. And.. how about a round of applause and standing ovation, eh?

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