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Let’s Pack

September 26, 2008 Leave a comment

I am flying to Singapore tomorrow morning (for the F1 Sg night race). And I haven’t packed yet. But I am so tired and my throat’s a little sore.. I SO want to sleep but I’ve got to pack.. So I’m keeping my eyelids glued open in terror – terror of packing, to finish things before midnight so I have enough time to sleep – errrr, I kinda doubt it, ’cause I’m writing a blog instead..

Half an hour later.. I managed to gather few shirts (including my McLaren’s), a short and a pair of pants. My head’s kinda spinning – must be the medicine I took. I need a few more shirts – for just in case – and then I should be done. Oh, and maybe a pair of sandals and a pair of walking shoes.. Shall I wear my Crocs?

Then.. the big issue comes.. MAKE UP.. lol.. don’t laugh.. lol.. just kidding.. Well yeah.. I gotta sort my make up out.. Gotta decide what I want to wear for the qualifying session, the race, and the return flight. Pigments probably would be the best.. with my new MUFE HD foundation and powder.

Anything I miss? I’ll think about it after I’m done suhur later at 4:15..

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