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Yayy.. I am home!!.. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be.. I mean I only left the country for less than 6 months, so coming back here isn’t that awkward.

It’s very exhausting though.. I had a really long start of the week. I lost a day of my life, because I spent it very wisely on the plane, lol. I am VERY very tired.. not only from the long haul flight, but right before that I spent a day walking around and about in Vancouver. So I feel like hanging my legs to the point where my body is totally upside down and fall asleep during.. ZzZz..

I can’t say much about my flights, ’cause I am just simply too tired. Maybe tomorrow I will, ’cause there are actually so many things to tell. But I haven’t even unpacked yet.  So I am just going to hit my lovin’ bed.. ZzZz..

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