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Online Degree

September 8, 2008 Leave a comment

“Just because you CAN get a degree online does NOT mean that employers will put much stock into it. if the college is NOT accredited and doesn’t have a brick+mortar school, i wouldn’t do it.”

She was right. And so that’s why I have to be serious if I’m serious in getting into online education. Of course, it’s not easy.. self-discipline and smart time management is a MUST. A friend of mine took an online course provided in her uni. She woke up for a morning online class and went back to sleep, did not know or even answer when her tutor asked her questions, and woke up again only to find out she was the only one left – not logged out. Lol, I wouldn’t wanna do that, would I?

About being employed, it’s one of the last things I am worried about. I’ve got a bachelor degree already. I believe in online degree for a career change. Yes, I can always start somewhere or get into something related to the major right away, but it’d be a plus to have knowledge and earn a little degree somewhere (of course the institution is accredited), wouldn’t it?

It’s one resort I can take. Not sure if it’s the last one, but something I’m definitely looking into. I want to get back on track (two options only there: school or work). And I need to consider other aspects, namely my husband and his ambitions. He’s looking into position that will allow him to relocate every now and then. Now I can’t do that with school can I? Unless I want to sacrifice a bit on my marriage (long distance) and focus on my school. But hell no, why did I get married in the first place anyway?

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