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LOL.. what a wish.. The last thing I wrote on my last blog, I was waiting for my paint pots package from New York. I expected it’d take another week.. Apparently it came several hours after my blog was published. What are the odds!!

Yayy I was so happy.. and am still happy that I get to have Otherworldly and Pharaoh paint pots. These two paint pots are extremely incredibly beautiful to the point of gonjreng, lol. And so the next two days I put full eye make up on, with my babies as the main character =D


Painterly & Pharaoh Paint Pot

L’oreal HiP Riotous (Yellow), Golder’s Green & Antique Green Pigment

Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara

And I bought a new nail polish. I think I’m getting a bit bored with make up (I’ll talk about that later).. maybe not.. ’cause I went to save on foods to get NYX terracotta blush. Since they didn’t have it, I ended up with something else.. (oh yeah, of course *rolleyes*). I present you, South Sea NYX nail polish.


Just playing around with my addiction. It makes my mood happy and blows my mind away from thinking about ‘living alone’ for several days – my dear husband is leaving tomorrow to Ontario until Friday =(

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