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Eid ul-Fitr 2008

September 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Setiap Lebaran tiba, selalu ada kupu-kupu yang menggelitik nadiku. Kalau aku jauh di rantauan, sedih rasanya.. kenangan masa lalu selalu teringat kembali.. kenangan yang serasa begitu berharga, yang mungkin tidak seberapa kurasakan jika aku tetap tinggal di kampung halaman yang sama. Kalau Allah mengizinkan aku pulang, syukur terharu tak terhingga bisa kembali menikmati masa lalu.

Kali ini, aku kembali di kampung halaman. Dari kamar kudengar takbir menggema. Subhanallah.. Alhamdulillah bisa berkumpul bersama Mommy, shalat berdampingan di dalam masjid. Semoga aku mendapatkan surgaNya, mencoba untuk lebih berbakti kepada Mommy di hari dan bulan suci. Afterall, surga ada di telapak kaki beliau.

Aku tunggu suara indah Papie dengan sambungan jarak jauh. Papie yang sedang bekerja dan memenuhi tugas beliau di Eropa sana. Aku berdoa, semoga Papie sempat shalat Ied esok hari.

Silaturahmi bersama keluarga besar yang superb. Peluk dan cium, pembicaraan hangat, berpose cantik depan kamera penuh kilat. Masya Allah.. Life couldn’t be better than this.

And so to make the best of it, I would like to beg everyone for forgiveness. For the heart, the soul and the physique. Pardon my mistakes, deliberate or unintended. We are humans and mistakes are inevitable, it’s the law of the nature.

Love, Hope, Kindness, Purity, Loyalty, Honesty, Devotion, Tolerance, Belief, Tranquility, Perseverance.. the Heart of the Matter.. And by Allah’s blessings,

Happy Eid ul-Fitr 1429 H

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The Grand Night Race

September 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Racing is all about skill and luck. If one has the fund – luck – one can easily enter the competition. If one has skill – hard work – one can easily find a way up to the top. But behind a good racer, there’s an excellent teamwork put together by enormous number of other highly skilled people.

Singapore’s initial F1 Grand Prix was a BIG success. Salute to the Merlion country. It was as well F1’s initial first night race. A street race at night, illuminated by lights four times lighter than the normal stadium, it was no different than race on any other sundays. Only when one looked up in the sky one noticed that it was dark out. The streets were bumpy with some rough and curvy turns, a surprise to the race drivers but definitely challenging and made it even more exciting.

The success was also without a doubt supported by the Singaporeans – besides the staffs, volunteers and cops. They have always been highly self-controlled and organized. Only a little annoyance when everyone would stand up every time the cars passed – completely understandable, it’s their first times.

For those who did not feel like purchasing grandstand pass – mind the noise, it hurts – the 3 days walkabout pass is completely worth it. Watch the race on a giant screen with other enthusiasts and keep track of what was going on.

Definitely worth every cent, definitely one event to look forward to next year. And.. how about a round of applause and standing ovation, eh?

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Let’s Pack

September 26, 2008 Leave a comment

I am flying to Singapore tomorrow morning (for the F1 Sg night race). And I haven’t packed yet. But I am so tired and my throat’s a little sore.. I SO want to sleep but I’ve got to pack.. So I’m keeping my eyelids glued open in terror – terror of packing, to finish things before midnight so I have enough time to sleep – errrr, I kinda doubt it, ’cause I’m writing a blog instead..

Half an hour later.. I managed to gather few shirts (including my McLaren’s), a short and a pair of pants. My head’s kinda spinning – must be the medicine I took. I need a few more shirts – for just in case – and then I should be done. Oh, and maybe a pair of sandals and a pair of walking shoes.. Shall I wear my Crocs?

Then.. the big issue comes.. MAKE UP.. lol.. don’t laugh.. lol.. just kidding.. Well yeah.. I gotta sort my make up out.. Gotta decide what I want to wear for the qualifying session, the race, and the return flight. Pigments probably would be the best.. with my new MUFE HD foundation and powder.

Anything I miss? I’ll think about it after I’m done suhur later at 4:15..

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September 16, 2008 Leave a comment

Yayy.. I am home!!.. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be.. I mean I only left the country for less than 6 months, so coming back here isn’t that awkward.

It’s very exhausting though.. I had a really long start of the week. I lost a day of my life, because I spent it very wisely on the plane, lol. I am VERY very tired.. not only from the long haul flight, but right before that I spent a day walking around and about in Vancouver. So I feel like hanging my legs to the point where my body is totally upside down and fall asleep during.. ZzZz..

I can’t say much about my flights, ’cause I am just simply too tired. Maybe tomorrow I will, ’cause there are actually so many things to tell. But I haven’t even unpacked yet.  So I am just going to hit my lovin’ bed.. ZzZz..

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TIFF & Its Fashion

September 12, 2008 Leave a comment

Ahh I wish I lived in Toronto. I could’ve worked for Toronto International Film Festival,or at least attend the fest.

I watched the news today and some familiar faces (thanks to big screen) appeared: Anne Hathaway, Sandra Oh, Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Aniston (oh how I heart her) and Kate Beckinsale.

Of course, they are not the only ones.. Gerard Depardieu, Alessandro Nivola, Rose McGowan, Kristin Scott Thomas, Jim Sturgess, Mark Ruffalo, Ethan Hawke, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Kevin Zegers, Benicio del Toro, Amanda Peet, Scott Speedman and many more.. Even Paris Hilton (surprisingly!!) and Amberley Thiessen (Canadian Idol top something) were there..

As a festival of glamor took place, attention went to the outfit of the ladies. Surely the men wore designers’ garment.. but since all men outfit look the same, there was no big deal about that.. Honestly, do you remember what Daniel Day-Lewis was wearing when he won the Oscar last year vs Halle Berry’s dress when she won 6 years ago? Men never have best suit while there’s always best dress for the ladies. Halle Berry was one of them. She wore gorgeous dress by Elie Saab.

Anywhoo, back to topic. This year, all eyes are on Rose McGowan’s shoes and Kate Beckinsale’s dress. I didn’t notice how short McGowan was (oh yeah I am not that tall either, lol) until I saw these shoes. Apparently she’s only 5’4″and with these heels I think she turned to 5’7″. Nice try..

As for Kate, she won the best dress chosen by the media. Look at this beautiful baby doll dress with a little frock.

See the cute details: Roses embroidery and big mirrored beads. Plus a pair of metallic pumps to complement the dress. Stunning!!

Guess who designed it? Elie Saab!! Yyyeeeapp, it’s the same designer that created 2002’s Oscar Winner’s dress. Saab is just waaaayy too brilliant..

Images courtesy of and Getty Images

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Online Degree

September 8, 2008 Leave a comment

“Just because you CAN get a degree online does NOT mean that employers will put much stock into it. if the college is NOT accredited and doesn’t have a brick+mortar school, i wouldn’t do it.”

She was right. And so that’s why I have to be serious if I’m serious in getting into online education. Of course, it’s not easy.. self-discipline and smart time management is a MUST. A friend of mine took an online course provided in her uni. She woke up for a morning online class and went back to sleep, did not know or even answer when her tutor asked her questions, and woke up again only to find out she was the only one left – not logged out. Lol, I wouldn’t wanna do that, would I?

About being employed, it’s one of the last things I am worried about. I’ve got a bachelor degree already. I believe in online degree for a career change. Yes, I can always start somewhere or get into something related to the major right away, but it’d be a plus to have knowledge and earn a little degree somewhere (of course the institution is accredited), wouldn’t it?

It’s one resort I can take. Not sure if it’s the last one, but something I’m definitely looking into. I want to get back on track (two options only there: school or work). And I need to consider other aspects, namely my husband and his ambitions. He’s looking into position that will allow him to relocate every now and then. Now I can’t do that with school can I? Unless I want to sacrifice a bit on my marriage (long distance) and focus on my school. But hell no, why did I get married in the first place anyway?

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Polish Pigment Tutorial

September 2, 2008 Leave a comment
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