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I haven’t updated for awhile.. excuse my laziness and cold.. Anyways, it’s been awhile but I just want to share my new bundle of joy.. lol.. These came last week


1st image:

from Pennsylvania: Crescent Shadow (MAC Moonbathe Collection) & Electro Sky (MAC Alexander McQueen Collection)

from California: Dollymix Blush and Passionate Eyeshadow (both are used, I sanitized them afterwards)

2nd image:

from Arizona: NYX eyeshadows in Antique Gold and Iced Mocha, MAC pigment sample in Green Brown and a sample of Blinc eyeliner. This was actually an MUA swap Maderine. I only wanted Antique Gold and Iced Mocha but she included lots of extras – that, made me feel a bit guilty lol.

I love my new goodies!! Crescent is so pretty on my lips. It’s a frost l/g with golden bronze and shimmer. I just don’t like the way it’s so sticky though. I love using my NYX shadows for daily natural looks. I haven’t used my Electro Sky ’cause it just looks so pretty in its packaging, lol.

I’m currently waiting on other 3 packagings.. 3 Paint Pots from the US (on its way), some earrings (these are actually my friend’s), and some NYX goodies (swapping, I sent first, my token is still less than 10)..

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