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Good Things Happen..

to Those Who Wait..

Nothing can beat this feeling I have at the moment. Aside from me being sick (just got a bad flu that gets me down pretty bad), I am so happy with all the ‘blessings’ Allah have given me today.

– J’s Driver’s License

My b-i-l called me in the morning and I picked up the phone. It’s his driving exam today. And I could tell by his voice the moment he said, “Who is this?” and yes, he got he’s driver’s license in one go. I’m a proud sister in law.. ahh I miss him

– Jamie Fabian

I’m an aunt of a brand new nephew.. My cousin gave birth to a son, which I am sure is very cute. Jamie Fabian is definitely a cute name.. Ah I wish I was closer (they’re in Europe) so I can play around with him like I did with his elder sister. Ah well, I am still a proud auntie..

– New Position

My husband just got a new position at work. I can’t say much but we’ve been waiting for awhile, and it’s a big step up in his career.. I’m a proud wife..

Jamsheed, Jamie, Zeeshan.. I love you all..

(now I’m off to call my parents)

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