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I put make up on today.. Just had the feeling of playing with my make up. I first put lip colors on and surprisingly found my Lips of the Day..

I am not sure how to call the color, but it’s dark pink – almost red – glossy color. It was a mix of MAC Lollipop Loving lipstick and MAC Style Minx lipglass, both from Heatherette collection.

I sooo love Lollipop Loving, but I hate it on my lips. Most of the time my lips are not at their best condition. And since Lollipop is a glaze, which is kinda frosty, it makes my lips look frozen, dry and cracked. So I always need to put any gloss or glass on top of it. Plus, long before that, I’d always need to condition my lips (I use glysolid cream).

Then I checked out my Style Minx. The problem with Style Minx, the color is too bright, and I’m a little too dark for that bright color, unless I’m Rihanna or M.I.A. who tend to look good with bright lips (and they have MUA who work for that, I don’t). When Heatherette collection came in with swatches all over Specktra, people always pair Style Minx with Hollywood Nights. I am not confident enough doing that yet, so I apply light layer of Style Minx on a very pale color of lipstick, and that’s when Lollipop Loving comes to rescue. And I’m in love with the result.

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