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I’m going nuts!! lol.. Since Tuesday where nobody was home (Monday was a public holiday), I’ve been going down 3 levels every 15 minutes to check if there’s any packages for me in the mailbox. I’ve been shopping.. online..

Well, not really.. some of them are my purchases and some of them are swap items. I’ve been kind of addicted to swapping until I knew how stupid Canada Post is. Making rules that any packages that don’t fit into a 2 inches slot, cost way more, no matter how small or light it is. It almost cost me 11 bucks just to mail a package (6 jars of pigment samples in padded envelope) to Ontario, and it cost me 6 bucks to mail a little sample jar (also in padded envelope with extra bubbles for protection) to Arizona.

So I got my Delphic Fluidline last weekfrom Ontario. I’m so happy although I am not going anywhere yet where I can use it. I felt a bit sorry for the girl that swapped with me though. She paid 11 bucks plus tax just to mail it to me. It arrived within 2 days though.

And here are some other packages I am waiting for:

  • 2 HiP e/s duo in Riotous and Roaring, I bought from glamYOURus from Specktra.
  • NYX cremeblush in Hot Pink from karoczek that I swapped with Marine Ultra pigment.
  • NYX eyeshadows in Antique Gold & Iced Mocha from Maderine that I swapped with sweet sage fluidline samples.

And then there’s two more packages I am waiting for (I actually just paid them and one hasn’t been paid ’cause I haven’t got invoiced yet. But anyways those two won’t be here very soon I s’pose). Plus, Mr.Ragil has also been waiting for a package (a must-have accessory for his car), for 7 weeks. They said it should be here within 8 weeks so we’ve got a couple more days to go.

Ok, I’m gonna go down and check out the mail again – my legs get trained this way too, lol.

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