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His CV & Robert Half

Mr.Ragil likes to come home for lunch, sometimes. Sometimes not, to save gas. When I tell people, they think it’s cute. Yesterday, it wasn’t.

He had a mean face, not to mention ugly too. Apparently he was mad, very pissed at people at Robert Half. You know, job agency, pretty prestigious here, in the US and Europe.

I heard it before, he said, “I need to update and change my CV around. One company said it’s messed up and all over the place”

And yesterday I heard an addition to that, “They didn’t even want to read it.”

I had nothing to say until Mr.Ragil turned on his laptop and looked at the CV that Robert Half just sent him, and that’s when all the swearing took place, “I didn’t write this CV! They must have done something! Or maybe the system did something to it.”

I get the picture. My husband gave his CV to Robert Half almost a year ago. They still hold on to it until now. My husband asked them if there were vacancies, so Robert Half started sending his CV to vacancies they think suit the CV. But..

“But why would she send something like this? Of course they didn’t want to read it, it’s all over the place. I can’t believe she didn’t even check my CV, especially after it hasn’t been used for awhile, you know.. How stupid she is!! She should’ve at least checked the CV and tell me that something’s wrong.

“I am gonna file a complain and I hope she gets fired!! Now will you help me change my CV, please?”

I had some theories in my mind.. The fault is either on Robert Half site, or that other company they sent the CV to (some software can really punk you). Either way, Robert Half needs to deal with it as well

I re-built the CV yesterday, using the messed up CV as a base. I can understand why professional people do not want to read it. The alignment, paragraphing, and columns, they were so out of place (and why would you have columns in your CV? It’s not a quiz). I couldn’t even figure out which text belonged to which categories.

Thanks to my 5 years of college, dealing with Microsoft Word, I could turn the CV to a basic template. Mr.Ragil is happy now.

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