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Livin’ in oil country, isn’t so easy.. It’s a risky and dirty business. Very influential on people in the world. But I can’t say I’m not happy, lol.

Hi, I’m Ragil Mega. I am a Jakarta-born world citizen. Currently staying in Edmonton, Canada. Yes, it’s an oil country, home of winning hockey team Edmonton Oilers. I haven’t been here that long yet so I can’t say I live here.

I am a daughter and a wife of oil people. My dad is a geologist working for a very influential oil company in his country, and my husband is a finance person working in an oil construction company here in Edmonton. See, I don’t live in UAE and yet I have enough oil for myself, lol.

As for myself, I am a Logistician by heart and education. I love music, movies, fashion, make-up, traveling, photography and many more.. lol.. so stick around if you want to get to know me better =D


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