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This song is probably the song of the year. Not just because this song
is played over and over by radio stations in town, but this song is
re-sung by other artists.. from country to rock to ballad. I never
really liked the song as I am not so fond of Rihanna’s voice. And the
part “ella, ella, ella” just makes me ilfeel of the song.

first Rihanna cover I heard was sung by Mandy Moore, back in January.
It’s a ballad version and I really love it except for the now-and-then
whiny voice of Mandy Moore. I am not really into soul music, a genre
which, I think, Rihanna’s voice belongs to..

A month later, I
was browsing youtube for music by Carrie Underwood when I found another
version of Umbrella. Carrie was singing alongside Keith Urban on a
stage in Connecticut. Odd to see, Carrie was singing terribly. It’s
either the tempo that was too fast or the fact that she tried to sound
like Rihanna. Carrie’s has a wonderful voice, but this, she failed
misserably. On the other hand though, Keith Urban was great despite the
fact that I still see a little struggle accross his face, trying not to
sound so country that will ruin the song.

This month, I heard
another version of Umbrella. This time it’s an alternative-rock genre
of Umbrella. This version is perfect to me, not too fast not too slow,
just medium pace. But I was having a hard time guessing who sang it.
And today I went to ubek-ubek
youtube trying to find the singer. I asked several friends online, and
they mentioned “vanilla sky” and “gerald way” of “my chemical romance”.
I browsed their versions and was surprised with other versions I’ve
never heard. And so I thought.. wow, there’s much more to “Umbrella”
than just Rihanna, Moore, Urban & Underwood, and the unknown singer.

came accross Manics Street Preachers videos on youtube, singing
“Umbrella”. Seems like this is the version I’ve been wondering about. I
still doubt it a little, ’cause there’s a kick in the radio version
than the youtube’s one. But that might be just the difference in the
radio version and an album or single version, if there’s one..

song itself has won a grammy for record of the year and song of the
year in 2007. I had no clue why and I disagreed, just because I’m not a
fan of Rihanna’s sing. Having written this though, I changed my mind.
Its lyrics is meaningful and great. And I agree, Umbrella is, until
today, song of the year..

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