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Gwen Stefani

September 18th, 2007, Ahoy Rotterdam, Gwen Stefani’s concert was a blast. I loved her voice, her cute motherly thoughts (she mentioned her son, Kingston, a lot), her adorable figure and beauty. Stupidly, I only bought her first album L.A.M.B. yesterday, a week after the concert.

The Sweet Escape tour, a tour of her 2nd album with the same title. 4 in the Morning, Sweet Escape and Wind it Up are very popular here. I also love her music Early Winter and Orange County Girl (apparently she’s from the OC). And she also brought up songs from her 1st album like What You Waiting For, Rich Girl, Hollaback Girl, Cool, Harajuku Girls and The Real Thing. That last song was dedicated to her son. Gwen and her band played the slow version, featuring the backing vocal (I forgot her name), who has voice like an angel.

There was much more to the concert, Gwen brought her whole L.A.M.B. & FLaReS. dancers. Yes, her dancers are named by nicknames: Love, Angel, Music, Baby for the girls and Flea, Legacy, Remedy and Steelo for the boys. The girls are very international though, they come from California, two from Tokyo and one from Thailand.

I made a wrong choice of buying the 2nd highest price. We had the second rang, upstairs, to watch the concert from. Watching a concert is best to stand up among the audiences in front of the stage. Especially since she ran down the stage, and literally ran around the hall. Some people got really lucky to shake her hands, see her from 5 feet away and hear her voice so close. Where, my fault, I thought the highest price would be the best place. Again, wrong!!

It was great to see Gwen at her concert. She’s a real beauty in spite of her fake blonde head. In fact, she looks much better and fresh in blonde. Plus her ability to go down to size 0 after giving birth to Kingston a year back. Her slender frame was wrapped with cute outfits and her blonde hear was tied back, giving her flexibility to dance her head around. She also performed mostly in high heels, very remarkable, as I would’ve tumbled all over the floor.

Ah, I really wish to see her again..

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