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So little time or am I just moody??

I’ve been wanting to write about HAIRSPRAY but I guess I am just lazy moody whatsoever to find words to describe it.. Yea, hairspray is that hair tool that can make your hair stands like a statue or just baked like a cake. Heck, what am I talking about? What I mean here is HAIRSPRAY the movie!! So cool.. Love the musical atmosphere and the good looking actors and actresses in it – and their voice too..

Next, I’ve been wanting to write about my title – yeah since August 27th when I received a piece of paper stating that I am eligible to put Bachelor of Economics behind my full name. My graduation is next week September 19th and I’ve been meaning to bring as many people as possible to the ceremony – although I have just asked the organizer today lol silly. But I don’t care.. Graduation in my school is not the best thing that can happen. In fact, it sucks to graduate from my school because they don’t have proper graduation ceremony. You can wear whatever you want for the graduation.. Most people buy new outfits.. a nice skirt and blazer or a dress for girls and a nice suit for the men. And guess what I am planning to wear..!! A graduation cap and gown!! Yes, I believe I’ll be the only one wearing that and I don’t care.. that’s why I want to take as many people as possible, and I want them to cheer outloud when they call my name.. Maybe a little too over the top, but then again.. I don’t care!! At graduation you’re supposed to wear graduation cap and gown.. even the nursery school does that! Not just a piece of nice dress you could buy for 50 bucks at Zara. I’m getting more nervous though, because no doubt all eyes will be on me – which is of course, nice.. but surely they’ll think I’m a wacko. But what the heck, ah.. for the zillionth times, I don’t care.. I just want to wear a graduation cap and gown once in my life and graduation is an appropriate moment.

Next.. I’ve been wanting to setup my own website with my own domain.. Still looking for a good website host.. The website content will be photos that I have taken.. Inspired by SATC, I want to present my work as Fashion and the City!! To see some pieces of my work, go to staragilite.deviantart.com for a temp portfolio.

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