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Dearie Housemate

Housemate.. housemate.. I so wanna talk to you but I don’t know how to bring it up. I don’t mean to stab you in the back.. I guess I just write this to make me feel so much better.. But if you read this and you then read and realize your mistakes, I’ll be more than grateful.

You’ve been so nice to me, but there are just many things that I can’t stand from you.. like when I went to toilet today and saw a tissue full of blood. Dude, I don’t need to know if you’re having your period!!!!!

And now I can understand how you always say you cannot have a roommate.. Yes, I think you just don’t want to consider other people.. you just don’t care about others.. You’ve left dirty dishes for more than three days, and that happens so freaking many times. And many times you leave me with no spoons and forks. I consciously using the word “leave”, because I know it will happen again before I leave this house for good.

What always pisses me off is when you “borrow” my room for photography purpose. I am just tired of you not putting things back to how they’re supposed to be. And today I saw under my bed, my air refreshner was spilled – turned upside down. Well, you’re gonna have my room in November as I will stop paying by then.. So yesterday was the last time you were allowed to use my room for commercial purpose.

One last thing I’ve always wanted to say.. You begged me to pay more for the room when at that time I knew (but again, I couldn’t say it..) you would be “borrowing” my room for photography, using my room for commercial purpose anyways.

Again babe, sorry for writing this.. If you read it, please talk to me further.., I’d love to share a little secret of mine why I can’t talk to you personally.

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