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Books.. Tuesday’s Child..

Bloody hell!! (whoops sorry that came out wrong).. I mean WOW!! I have just finished reading a book of about 15 chapters or 437 pages in three days. Tuesday’s Child is noted as an “addictive company”. It’s true afterall. I just bought the book on Saturday for a very cheap price, in a book fest event. Started reading on Sunday and finished Tuesday morning.

For the record, I don’t like reading books, unless it’s a book I can learn something from. That is, I normally don’t read all the pages, I go direct to the pages that I need. I used to read novels when I was much younger (before I got into high school). One of the thick books I loved reading was “Zoya” from Danielle Steel. Very interesting as it was about a fiction character who was related to Russian Royal family. Although I was a big tomboy at that time, I fancied fairy-tale lives like other little girls would. But the book was actually very dramatic and tragic.

I read many other books although they weren’t as thick as Zoya. I used to read “the Baby-Sitters Club” series, and Little Sister series (this one I read in English though lots of vocab I didn’t get), Goosebumps, little stories from Enyd Blyton and many more. Funnily enough, at those times, kids from my age were very interested in comics, and for some reasons, I was just never one of them. I never like pictures interrupting my reading activity.

In high school and college I tried to read novels several times but I just ended up leaving the book in the middle of my reading. Then I just forgot about it or didn’t bother to continue anymore, lack of interests. On the other hand, I read learning books like “scriptwriting” (yes, I’ve always wanted to be a writer).

I don’t know how Tuesday’s Child got me hooked up really. This book though isn’t so heavy and kinda cheesy. I didn’t like the beginning very much as the pace was I think “too fast”. There are some unimportant boring conversations that actually led the characters somewhere (to be honest I was thinking of giving up in the middle ). Love the detail descriptions of every place and event – unfortunately not much details of every character (this usually gets girls very interested). Mostly the writer just says “handsome” or “pretty”.

A light chick flick by Louise Bagshawe, Tuesday’s Child though, is an unpredictable fictional drama with some humor and much love story. The language used isn’t so heavy. Was just nice to kill my time with my books, so now I just won’t get glued to my laptop anymore. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some more readings to do

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