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Ramadhan starts in 10 days. Which means a month-full fasting. Which means more praying, more patience, less negative intentions and less negative thoughts towards other people (ok, I confess I do that sometimes ).

For the last time, we’d be spending Ramadhan in the Netherlands. It’s quite tough. Not because in the street we see people eating food or all restaurants are open during the day when I’m fasting, but more because of the long day – short night. But we are getting used to it. We survived our fasting month last year when the day started to get longer. Off course there were temptations, but the determination to actually fast from the sunrise ’till the sunset was stronger.

We’re happy to be given the chance to experience another Ramadhan. But I’ve been kinda whining  I miss the Ramadhan atmosphere back home – the habit, the TV commercials, praying together. And how I am so jealous of my friends from high school, gather in the afternoon to open their fast. Last month I had a plan of leaving NL before Eid, and if I could, be there for the gathering. Plan changed slightly and I think I’d be celebrating Eid here in NL.

On the other hand, I am happy to be able to spend Ramadhan together with Zeeshan, and celebrate Eid with him. Off course there’d be temptations than before we got married, but we’ll be just fine

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