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Stuffed Away Stuffs

I’ve done packing today. My target was to ship 4 boxes to Indonesia. In the end, I added 1 more box. If I didn’t do it so neatly, I would’ve had 6 boxes. I put two more big things on the box that I couldn’t put together. But I managed to just add one box. The key was just to re-organize the boxes.

I actually finished packing yesterday in the afternoon, right before Zeeshan came home from work. I finished all the 4 boxes, but as I went along with the night, I remember two more stuff that I just want to take to Jakarta: my PC’s steering wheel and an inflatable pool Very silly I know, but I thought those would be fun to have in Jakarta:

    1. I don’t have a pool, but I have a pond. And hanging out with the fishes doesn’t sound so appealing to me.
    2. I can’t race in Jakarta, all the roads are fully loaded with cars. Not to mention that I don’t have a license yet.

The rest of the things were books, my dolls, CDs, and lots of knick-knacks that I put together in shoe boxes. Yeah, I don’t know, I just love to collect knick-knacks. Although now I can see and realize big time that those knick-knacks are sometimes pain in the **s.

Anyways, my roommate Nicoline is shipping her boxes as well. And I’m quite happy that I ship less boxes than she does (no offense, Nic ). Today, with the help of Zeeshan and a good friend of mine, Mahad, we dropped off the boxes at Arham’s place – a guy who also coordinates the shipping.

Although most things are gone, my room still doesn’t look empty, lol. Most of the stuffs here are the furniture, that I haven’t managed to sell. Got some people interested but they’re planning to take them away next week. I have two built-in shelves, they do look empty. Even though they’re still messy – I need to re-arrange them. After the drop off though we went to a supermarket and I bought lots of food and beverages (maybe, for the rest of my time in NL ).

Then we went to Nieuwegein to a place called Leger des Heils, which is Dutch Salvation Army. We had garbage bags full of clothes and shoes that are still worth to wear, but for some reasons we just can’t or won’t wear them. And I have a new rule to myself: One In, One Out: when I buy a new outfit, one outfit has to go out, preferably donated.

Now I’m very glad to see my room, kinda empty, but more neat. Tomorrow though, I’d need to e-mail my landlord if I could have someone replaced me in October. Because paying a month rent when I need to leave in the beginning of the month is just painful Wish me luck!

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