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I saw a shooting star!!

Two nights ago I tried my luck waiting for Perseids meteor shower, just to see one meteor hits the atmosphere. The shower was supposed to start at 11, but I couldn’t even see a single star. I lie down to sleep at 12, but 40 minutes later thought I wouldn’t be
able to sleep so I got up and start turning on Zeeshan’s laptop (mine is just
too noisy). I saw a pair of stars, so I thought I could be lucky. The sky wasn’t
so cloudy anymore.

Then I started seeing few lights on the sky. “Hmmm, what was that? Is it a
star? No, it’s moving? Then it’s a plane? Nah, too small to be a plane. The
meteoroid? But it’s quite slow..” Maybe my eyes were deceiving me. Who knows?
But then I saw few flashes, although they were really tiny (I thought that’s
because they’re very far), then I guess I was a little lucky.

I only watched from Shinchan’s room, through the glass window. Despite the
fact that there’s no moonlight, apartment lights were still interfering, leaving
the sky a little light, with some orangy color. Apart from the stars that were
just a few, I saw a bright light on the sky, brighter than the sky and a little
red-ish color. Could that be a mars?? I heard that the planet would be visible
too during the shower. I believe it was

At 2:35 I looked outside, I was looking at this man. I was guessing that he
was cooking, he was in the kitchen and looked like he was putting salt on his
food. He was funny, his head was kind of square, I think it must’ve been the
hairstyle (I hate that and always laugh about it. Last night I just smiled and
giggled). Then I saw the big meteoroid 

The meteoroid was just as big as peas, or maybe bigger.. like tennis balls.
It was indeed really beautiful. It was blue.. and it’s just like shooting stars
that I see in the movies. Oh I was so happy. I waited for another one, but they
just weren’t coming anymore  

Just to clear up the fact, shooting stars are not actually shooting
stars. They are actually debris from a Perseid particle.

Quoted from space.com

When a Perseid particle enters the atmosphere, it
compresses the air in front of it, which heats up. The meteor, in turn, can be
heated to more than 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1,650 Celsius). The intense heat
vaporizes most meteors, creating what we call shooting stars. Most become
visible at around 60 miles up (97 kilometers). Some large meteors splatter,
causing a brighter flash called a fireball, and sometimes an explosion that can
often be heard from the ground.

I could’ve shot the meteor shower with my camera
as well, but I just wasn’t as comfortable as that. I wasn’t prepared.. just
thinking, “next year I will”.

Anyways, these photos I took from space.com, images of 2006/2005 Perseids
meteor shower.

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