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Yesterday (August 8th, 2007) was our first month anniversary of being married. At the same time, it was Jamsheed’s 23rd birthday (Z’s brother), so we had to celebrate anyways I offered to cook for yesterday and I asked what Jamsheed wanted to eat for then. He said fried rice, meatballs and sate. Lucky for me, fried rice is my specialty (too bad we don’t have pictures of the food). Meatballs, I can manage (I did cook meatballs once, but it was more like a soup), and sate won’t be too difficult as long as there’s oven or barbecue.

I did my shopping last week already before we went to Zoetermeer (especially for the meatballs that I can only find in Oriental stores and I don’t know any Oriental stores in Zoetermeer), as well as the spice for the fried rice. While I did my shopping, I was thinking about what I should do with the meatballs and I believe that fried rice & meatballs soup do not go together. For sate, it wouldn’t be possible as Zeeshan doesn’t have oven at his place. Barbecue? Hmm, I think I’ll pass..

Instead of plain fried rice, yesterday I put peas, eggs and the happy meatballs in it. But uh-oh, we forgot to take out the meatballs from the freezer. Luckily when we remembered, we still had enough time, so we put the meatballs (still in the package), in cold water. Yeap, cold water, not warm water. Most people think ice will melt faster in warm water, but that is WRONG  Try it, at home, anything that freezes will melt faster in cold water, especially running water. There is a formula to that, a friend of mine once told me while he proved it. It has something to do with Einstein’s E=MC². Correct me if I’m wrong..

Alhamdulillah, everybody liked the food Hooray.. I’m happy. Oh, and the CAKE.. I hope to post pictures later on. The cake was cute, it has Jamsheed’s photo on it Me and Zeeshan planned to get the cake together. But Monday night I couldn’t sleep, and only slept at 4. And I couldn’t wake up when Zeeshan decided to leave in the morning. So Zeeshan and his brother went together to get the cake and the lady in the store was laughing saying something like “Yeah, this cake looks like you,” pointing to Jamsheed

It was a fun day, and I am very glad that the food was up to everyone’s taste

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